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Great songs about the power of God's love in storms and the comfort from eternal assurance.

boat in a storm


The Decision

This is a story that may or may not be true, but it is used often in sermons as a good illustration of an important concept.    A man and his son go out for an afternoon on their boat off of the coast as they often did on summer weekends.  

On this weekend they had invited one of the boy's classmates who came from a difficult home situation, and who they knew would enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fun. They had enjoyed several hours of fun and their guest had an opportunity to steer the boat, and he had a big smile on his face.  

Unfortunately the weather soon turned their fun into a very dangerous situation as a Nor Easter blew in.    The father was an expert sailor but the winds were high and shifting quickly.  A large, broad-side wave hit the boat and the two boys were tossed into the water.  

The father knew that in the wind and waves that the boys would be driven away from the boat and beyond his reach to be able to throw the safety line to.  He would only have one chance to throw the line to one boy, one time.    He looked to his only son and yelled to him, "I love you."  He then turned to the son's friend and threw him the safety line that he was able to grab and be pulled back to the boat.  

He knew that his son was saved and was eternally secure, but he also knew that the friend did not know Jesus as his savior.  

The father frantically looked for his son but never saw him again.    

In the sermon story it is told that the friend recounts this story as a pastor to a congregation that includes a now very elderly father of the son.

This is the love of God towards you - Jesus was allowed to die so that a life line could be thrown to you.

Grabbing the life line is as easy as a prayer like this: "Father I know that I am a sinner.  Father I receive Jesus as my Savior.  Please save me.  Amen."