Jesus Loves Me


 It is sad to think that this simple song, once known by virtually all  children in the United States by the time they reached 5 years old, is  virtually unknown to a majority of children now.   

In my neighborhood, when I was a child, were a minister and his wife.  They didn't have any children of their own and adopted a boy my age from foster care.  To his constant embarrassment his mother would make him invite us to their home for Bible stories on summer days.  We all would rather be playing baseball but Mrs. Alton was an excellent cook so we all showed up for the cookies and lemonade that she gave us.

As we ate her cookies she would give us a 20 minute Bible story using a flannel-gram (small figures and backgrounds made of felt that clung to the flannel panel).  Her message was Jesus loves you and we would sing the song for her before we could be released.

Now over 45 years later I look forward to seeing that loving lady in eternity.   

Sing this song if only to yourself:

Jesus loves me this I know,

for the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to Him belong,

they are weak but He is strong.

Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me,

Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.

The most profound and powerful truths are the simplest.  The One who created you and all of the universe, loves you and longs to share eternity with you.  To accomplish that He made it ridiculously easy to be with Him forever no matter how great your sins.  Just pray like this:

"Father I know that I am a sinner and that I need Jesus as my Savior. There is nothing I can do to save myself, and it is only my faith in Jesus' death on the cross and His triumph over death that saves.  Please save me.  Amen."