Niagara falls dream


Souls Falling Into Eternity

Several years ago I had a dream that I was walking in the park that is above Niagara Falls in Canada.  I was walking across the field towards the falls and I could hear the roar of the falls grow louder and louder.  As I neared the river itself I looked into it.  Instead of the river being made up of water it was made up of people.    

Some of the people were laughing and mocking as I shouted out the warning about the falls ahead.  They did not believe that there was any danger ahead or any need to stop the ride that they were enjoying.    Others looked fearful and not completely confident, but they were gripping beads and other religious items that they were told would protect them from the plunge, but they fell over the falls screaming.

Others gathered with me in the park, but a small minority of people that heard our warning swam towards us and were pulled up into the park and safety.  

Since the time of that dream I have known vividly that thousands of people that I see and talk to each week are plunging into eternity without knowing Jesus.  It has been impressed on me that I am responsible for giving a warning to the people that God has put around me in this world and to help (see the story of the Good Samaritan in your Bible Luke 10:25).    

Being saved could not be easier or faster.  Just pray: Father in Heaven.  I know that I am a sinner.  I know that I need a Savior to cleanse me of my sins so I can be in Your presence for eternity.  I accept the sacrifice of Jesus for my sins.  Please save me.  Amen    

If you did that you are safe on that beautiful shore with Jesus.  WE ARE NEIGHBORS FOR ETERNITY!    

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