Soul Whisperer

Be Drawn into Fellowship with the One Who Loves You


Some people may have seen the movie "The Horse Whisperer" based on a man named Monty Roberts' techniques for "breaking" wild mustangs. Monty's dad broke horses as a vocation and used similar violent techniques to raise his son. Traditional methods to break a horse were the use of restraining ropes to make natural movements painful or violent striking of the animal.

Monty Roberts was sent to collect wild horses for use in a race. As he was observing the wild mustangs he realized the horses communicated with body language. He learned the language and then implemented his non-violent methods to great success that has been adapted around the world.

Mr. Roberts realized that mustangs need the relationships of a herd. A mustang that is isolated declines and becomes diseased and dies (depression, stress). In his process he brings a mustang into a corral alone with just him in the corral. He allows the mustang to act up and he maintains a distance from them and makes no eye contact. Over time the mustang seeks the company of the only other being in his proximity.

Over time Roberts allows the horse to seek his attention, touch and then direction with the use of gentle motions. Trust leads to affection and obedience and a life of relationship, love and the development of gifts.

The story reminded me of the difference between the ways of the world (and the god of this world is Satan/Lucifer) where violence, force and fear dominates, and God's ways that are gentle and that allow for your choice to draw near the Master. Come unto Me all you who are weak, weary and heavy laden is His call. A gentle call of fellowship.

What is needed to be eternally saved is to realize your need for companionship with Him and to draw near then say a simple, sincere prayer: "Father I know that I need true relationship that can only be had with You as the center of my life. I am a sinner and that I need Jesus as my Savior. Please save me. Amen."