The song "We are the Broken" by Matthew West that inspired this message

We are the Broken

Video of the song that inspired this story

Stained Glass Hearts


 A lot of people are reluctant to turn their lives to Jesus because they  have shame and embarrassment of things that they have done.  One of my  favorite songs contains a line that talks about our stained glass  hearts.  All of us are born into a world where we have  

little or no control over what happens to us for the first 15 to 18 years of our lives.  

During that period we are broken in many ways that we would never had chosen to be broken.  In our ability to trust, in our ability be content with our material possessions, in our ability to deal effectively with stress, in our confidence, in our sexuality, and in dozens of other different  ways.

Each of those areas that our heart was damaged becomes a source of pain and often dysfunction as we try to protect those from being exposed and/or manipulated or hurt again.

The dirty secret that the enemy doesn't want you to understand is that your dysfunction and areas of pain are actually your source of eternal strength and the area you are uniquely able to minister from. 

Here are some of the lyrics from Matthew West:  " Most of my life I've been doing my best to try and hide anything less than perfect. I covered up all my scars, I gotta make them think I've got it together. Make believe nobody ever has to see what I keep in the dark. Truth is, I was wrong, that's the part that you have wanted all along. We are, we are, we are the broken, but we are, we are, we are the chosen. So come on shine, shine, shine your beautiful light through the cracks inside our hearts tonight."

Here are a few from another song of his: "There's a world full of people dying from broken hearts.  Holding on to the guilt, thinking they fell too far.  So don't be afraid to show 'em your beautiful scars, 'Cause they're the proof, yeah you're the proof.  Oh, oh, oh the healing has begun.

This is the love of God towards you - Jesus died so that you could impact eternity, converting the pain in your life into beauty and healing for you and others.  It is as easy as: "Father I know that I am a sinner. I receive Jesus as my Savior. Please save me. Amen."