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The purpose of neighbors4eternity is to inform as many of our neighbors as possible about how to spend eternity with God - The Gospel.  I think that God puts you in the life of people for a purpose and His purpose is always that His children would come home and spend eternity with Him.

It is our dream that ALL of our neighbors on this Earth will be with us in eternity too.


What You Will See

A simple monthly postcard that provides a little more foundation of who Jesus is, how to know Him.  When is always now.  We hope that you do find them to be something that you look forward to read.


Get Involved

You can do something as simple as copying and handing the postcards to friends and family and co-workers and neighbors.

You could also start your own neighbors4eternity program with our help.  We can help you choose a mail route that would represent your neighbors and help you to produce your own postcards.  Our cost to reach 400 - 500 of our neighbors' homes is about $75 per month and takes about 1 hour to do.  You will find it to be the best money and time that you spnd to have an eternal impact.


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